Weather Warfare

NOTE: “We WA” = Weather Warfare. B.I.O.N. Blame it on Nature.
The perfect crime/weapon (while nobody knows for sure). Yup. The media is very, very silent about this for a multitude of reasons. Pay attention. NOTE: Although the conditions for hurricanes have only increased (warming water temp, etc/etc) the continental USA has NOT had a ‘major’ hurricane for the last 12 years. Clearly that is/will change. Few of US/us know that weather is being used as a weapon. The known use of that goes back 60 years. Getting to clarity and understanding that some catastrophic events in weather are human caused with intention and design under the handle of geo-engineering is very difficult to come to terms with. Indeed.


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(30 August. Brief 11 minute summation by Dane Wigington)

NOTE: use the RIGHT SLIDE BAR on the next document/page. It is a Microsoft Word page with a clear Tracking MAP of Hurricane Harvey with rainfall data. To study this is to learn a great deal about how bogus and engineered the event was. Many will find this very difficult to take in. Supporting evidence and information follow.

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(2 Sept, Dane Wigington, Geo-engineering Watch)

(1 Sept, Leak Project)

(Harvey is still at it (Tennessee flooding, 1 Sept)

(Hurricane Irma, as of 5 Sept, the winds (gusting) are up to 185 mph.
There is a lot of strong info in this that speaks to weather
manipulation being a fact. This is well worth your 12 minute
viewing time).

(Elana Freeland and Mel Fabregas (Veritas), 7 Sept

************ Solar effect(s) on Weather **************

************* Background Resources/Info ****************

(What is noteworthy about this is that it is “The Discovery Science
TV Channel” and, therefore, public information. A brief look; but they will, of course, stop far short of ‘spilling the beans.’

(The Corbett Report, October, 2012 on Weather Warfare. James Corbett does excellent analysis with a passion for clarity and conciseness and personal responsibility as a “truth teller.” An important resource out of west Japan.

(This is the last 2 years of Dane’s weekly 50 minute Saturday broadcast.
Dane is real hard hitting resource. Series begins at 26 August, 2017. He also does core news items and his brief analysis as it relates to geo-engineering. A man of knowledge and honor doing the right thing in the right way. Bravo, Dane, for setting the example).

(It seems to me that unless you plug these matters into
the equation, you cannot/will not understand WHAT is going down
and WHY. James Perloff is an studied and honorable voice and
author seeking to inform of US/us of many crucial areas. This
is about 1 year old an interview with Dave of X-22 Report. Here
he is speaking of many things and with special attention and focus
on the known agenda that “they” (if you have to ask who “they” are
you wold not grok my answer) have been seeking for arguably 100 (??)
years and more: the governance of the planet under a singular technocratic centralized leadership for all aspects: commerce/trade, war, law, medical, technology, itreasury/economics, agriculture, etc/etc. The real power will be as anonymous as possible, hidden and offstage. Think: Rothschild).

(Many will not be able to understand that the actual power and
authority in the US belong to what has come to be termed, “the deep
state.” This is how what is wrong is put into operation by the wrong
people to serve their agenda which is corporate with large wealth and influence. Its great intention is to remain in power and control at all
costs. If there is a functional US/us vs. “them” the ‘deep state” on an operational level is that “them.” Understanding this will help to clarify how/why policy and events are rolled out against all good judgment.

NOTE: Both of these fine people (Bill Moyers and Mike Lofgren) are insiders
with a long history of insight, real knowledge, and moral outrage. Moyers has done 100’s of fine TV broadcasts on useful information. In addition, he served as President Lyndon Johnson’s Press Secretary in the 1960’s.

(As the technological aspect continues to increase its application and influence (i.e. weather warfare), we enter into domains of A.I. that are a source of deep convert as to its outcome and intentions. I note that all of the people who are addressing the issue of “5G” cell towers and its application and use are heavy hitters of large credibility in the alternative media. Here is one: Max Igan (from whom I have learned much) in dialogue with an excellent site: SGT Report.