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(I Ching, all 64 chapters)

(Emanuel Swedenborg, [1688-1772] was a Swedish scientist,
philosopher, theologian, and true Christian mystic. This is a
documentary of his spiritual quest for wisdom and insight into
Spirit and truth via Christian principles and his deep experience).

(This is a fine introduction to Walter Russell [1871-1963]. He
was an authentic genius and a giant of mind and Spirit. Russell
is (still) best known for his achievements as a painter, sculptor,
author and architect. Russell’s insight into natural philosophy
and his unified theory in physics and cosmogony came as the
result of 39 days of inner illumination and insight into deeper
aspects of reality. Russell believed that mediocrity is self
inflicted while genius is self bestowed. In 1963, Walter Cronkite
[on national television evening news] referred to him as: “the
Leonardo da Vinci of our time.” I am of that same opinion).

(Walter Russell posited that the universe was founded on a central
unifying principle of rhythmic balanced interchange. This physical
theory was laid out primarily in his books: “The Secret of Light”
and “The Message of the Divine Iliad.” This groundbreaking work
of Russell work has not [unfortunately, but not surprisingly]
been accepted by mainstream academia and science. He asserted
that this was due primarily to the difference in the two opposing
assumptions made about the existence of mind and matter [which is
cause and which is effect]. Russell assumes the existence of mind
as the causative aspect in creation. Scientists generally assume
the existence of mind as effect. It seems to me that in the 21st
century we will finally come to understand that consciousness
(as mind) is causative).

(Carl Jung, [1875-1961] was clearly one of the early great
developers of psychology as a science. Jung wrote extensively
on a level of insight seldom found. He was a Swiss psychiatrist
and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology. This is
part 1 of a 6 part BBC special series honoring this great man
of heart and mind. Jung had a profound realization of his inner
life and thought. To further access, click on PLAY ALL).

(Professor William Chittick is a leading translator, scholar,
and interpreter of many classical Islamic philosophical and
mystical texts. He is best known for his groundbreaking work
on two outstanding Sufi mystics, Rumi and Ibn ‘Arabi. He is
the author of 30 books).

(Ken Wilber is rightly regarded as the leading Integral or
Transpersonal philosopher in the world today. Author of
many books on the integration of mind/body/spirit/will).

(Pema Chodron (1939 -) is clearly the most notable female
Tibetan Buddhist living and teaching in the west today. She
is the author of 5 highly regarded books of much popularity
within the Buddhist community. She is an ordained nun and
the resident teacher at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia, Canada).

(Terrence McKenna [1946-2000] has had a large impact on ‘fringe’
culture. He is an original thinker, a scholar, noteworthy social
critic. He was noted for his influence on plant based entheogens,
and hallucinogens. He traveled and lectured widely. An excellent
speaker with a large sense of humor and a light touch).

(Murry Gell-Mann is one of the living legends in physics. His
mind is extraordinary. He entered Yale University at 15, and
speaks fluently 13 languages. He is a Nobel Prize winner.
This lecture is from Google’s weekly ‘Tech Talks’ lecture
series. Gell-Mann’s topic is: “On Getting Creative Ideas”
Google Tech Talks are a wonderful resource of top thinkers
that are archived and available).