Videos for Social Commentary


[1] (Alan Watt is one of the most knowledgeable researchers into
the key themes, issues, and details of the progressive formation
and historical construction of the New World Order. It is
important to be familiar with this material. Unfortunately,
so few are. It is difficult to digest, I grant you).



[4] (Bill Moyers documentary of the hyper-commercial images that
bombard us through daily via the media; and their social con-
sequences, assorted voices).




[8] (Bill Moyers and Chris Hedges are two important voices in
journalism. Note that Bill Moyers was Press Secretary to
President Lyndon Johnson while he was in office. In my view,
Bill Moyers is a great man whose legacy and contribution to us
is vast and deep as a leading journalist and voice of conscience
for three generations. BRAVO).

[9] (Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Chris Hedges, On Trump)



[12] (Ralph Nader, in Washington DC, Green Festival lecture,
October of 2007).

[13] (Ralph Nader on his “17 Solutions.”)

[14] (F. William Engdahl geo-political analysis. Excellent)


[16] (Neil Postman, author of “Amusing Ourselves of Death,” [an
expose on TV] speaking philosophically about technology,
values, and society).

[17] (Negative effects of technology, 4 min student class project)

[18] (Jon Rappoport and Catherine Fitts in dialogue, part 1 of
2 on various topics).