“x-rated” Political Issues


(Joseph P. Farrell, PhD, is a first rate scholar in unusual
areas of alternative studies. He is the author of 19 books.
The background and history of Nazi involvement in unique
applications of technology represent a large portion of his
excellent research. His scholarly work opens many doors that
have long been shut tight. Eye opening).

(This will seem like science fiction to many of you as it is
about time travel experiments, and a level of technology that
few will understand is already in place. Knowing that comes
only from long study and inquiry. The issue of mind control
and programming that comes up in this fine conversation at
about minute 80. I find Al Bielek very knowledgeable,
clear, articulate, specific with details, and reliable).

(Edgar Mitchell (1930 to present) was the NASA, lunar module
pilot of Apollo 14 and the 6th person to walk on the moon).

(Richard Dolan is one of the most respected voices in the
UFO investigative field. Here he is making a very eloquent
short presentation at a Disclosure Project in 2013).

(Two outstanding scholars and researchers, Joseph Farrell and
Peter Lavenda, in conversation on internet radio

(What is most noteworthy about this 2011 lecture is that
Paul Hellyer (1923 to present) was a high government official
as a former Canadian Minister of Defense on various topics of
global economic and environmental concern. He is also the
author of 12 books).

(UK, MP resignation speech, Robin Cook)

(Susan Lindauer was a former US Congressional staffer and
CIA asset. She covered both Iraq and Libya as a US Intel
asset from 1993 to 2003. She is the author of “Extreme
Prejudice” which addresses vividly the CIA advance warnings
of planes flying into buildings in the summer of 2001).

(I appreciate the notable scholarly investigative work of Jim
Fetzer. Here he is speaking of the assassination of John F.
Kennedy, November 22, 1963 which was clearly a coup d’etat).

(“It Can’t Happen Here” documentary by Larken Rose, on
the gradual diminishing of our civil rights and liberties).

(NASA War Document)