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[1] (A very simple and effective way to get a sense of the first
50+ years of A-bomb use. Who the players are, frequency by
year and location of the first 2,000 uses worldwide. Very
sobering. Israel is a ‘secret’ member of this club (estimated
250 bombs). World stockpile ‘may be’ up to 15,000 bombs
(mostly US and Russia)

[2] (The Manhatten Project was the ‘code name” for the development
of the A-Bomb. The world changed with Hiroshima and Nagasaki
in April of 1945. Unnecessary and tragic consequences. Click
on TOP LEFT 1/197

[3] (History will be unforgiving of this liar and N.W.O puppet
who promised the moon and simply turned up the heat).

[4] (F. Willilam Engdahl, one of the great voices of
geo-political understanding and insight, speaking in
lecture on the mid-East “War on Terror” and other
related US imperial insanities.Timely, with much
clarity of specifics and knowledge. BRAVO).

[5] F. William Engdahl, interview

[7] (Excellent material from Germany in 1930’s-1940’s covering
rise of Hitler to power in Germany. Authentic stuff)

[8] (Very sobering look at Japan and WW 2)

[11] (Canadian documentary, “Waging Peace,” Towards an understanding
of the Canadian presence in Afghanistan).

[12] Iraq War documentaries

[13] (This is the FULL Eisenhower “Farewell Address” a few days
before JFK’s inauguration in January of 1961. He laid out
the issues to those with ears to hear)

[14] (Bill Moyers documentary on “The Shadow Government.” Specif-
ically about Iran-Contra and the 40 year history on deep
politics). This was produced in 1987 and shows how these
matters have gone more dark and more ominous. Important).

[15] (John Coleman is a highly regarded scholar and researcher
digging into the NWO inner circle and what he calls,
“The Committee of 300.”)

[16] (Anthony Sutton was a scholar and insider (with the
Hudson Institute) into the role of Wall Street finance
and central banks into the support of our ‘politcal
enemies’ by funding both sides of the conflict to
intentionally create maximum disorder).

[17] (Jeremy Schahill is one of the leading and well
respected independent war correspondents in the US.
Speaking of his recent book at a Google lecture).

[18] (Chalmers Johnson, on “Blowback,” the consequences of US
imperialism by a noted scholar and author).

[19] (This is not necessarily the BEST analysis of the 911 hype;
but this effort was put together by 3 young people whose
combined age was 69 years. A true act of courage and passion
to know the truth. “Loose Change, Third edition.” BRAVO).

[20] (William Binney, NSA whistleblower, in a speech in NYC,
July, 2012. Part 1 of 2).

[21] (Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and IT guru, in conversation
on how the internet is increasingly becoming a tool for control
and surveillance of its citizenry. Also, a very successful man
who can only see [metaphorically] out of one eye. Not uncommon;
no doubt with tragic consequences).

[22] (A documentary and investigation into H.A.A.R.P. Large in
its true significance, and implications. Difficult to get
accurate info on when it is being used, its ‘targets’ and
political use).

[23] (A sobering look at how the world’s elite have sought for the
the consolidation of power and control for a very long time).

[24] (The story of “Tsar Bomba,” the world largest nuclear
explosion ever detonated, in part one of three. Ominous).

[25] (Lyndon LaRouche, a true Washington D.C. insider for
over 40 years presents (through LPACTV) a hypothetical
version on how WW 3 could commence with its disastrous
consequences to humanity. Very sobering).

[26] (Part 2 of a 5 part documentary series. This seeks to
shine a lighton ‘black ops.’ Much info and history on
Latin America issues).

[27] (Norman Dodd [1899-1987] was the lead investigator on the
Reece Committee in 1953– a US Congressional investigation
into the role and function of tax exempt foundations. Here
he is speaking on “The Enemy Within” (in conversation with
Stan Monteith) on how the large foundations are funding
sources for worldwide conflict. Reliable information source.
This is important information that has little coverage).