New Aged


(Vassa is “the real deal” and a man who understands the path
that need be taken. Here he is presenting at a very important
gathering of thinkers with the Global Breakthrough Energy
Movement). Note:

(Breakthrough Energy Movement, [2012 Conference in Europe],
a short history and overview, presented by David William
Gibbons and Jeanne Manning).

(A short but useful and concise explanation of sacred geometry,
the golden mean ratio, and applications in nature presented in
a lecture with slides by Jacob Cox).

(A good interview with Matt Presti on Walter Russell. Russell
was one of the great minds of the 20th century. He posited that
mind was the causative aspect in the universe in variance to
the standard academic model of matter. Thus he has not received
the credit he so richly deserves for his groundbreaking work
that was the fruit of his 39 day illumination and profound

(Walter Russell was the Leonardo of the 20th century. He
was a man of true genius and hugeness of creative insight
and application, both as an prolific artist and as a scientist.
His work is presented and hosted in this 27 part series
by Matt Presti) Note:

(Demonstrates with clear examples the breakthrough research
by Dr Hans Jenny into the effect of sound (cymatics) on a
diversity of substances both living and inert in nature.
large applications for healing and health).

(Mozart’s 6th Symphoney visually being represented through
cymatics, the science of sound, vibration and creation).