Videos for a further Understanding of History


[1] Plutocracy documentary, 2015

[2] (Alan Watt is noted for his keen geo-political analysis and
clear understanding of the historical issues and buildup into
the New World Order, June of 2011)

[3] (Oliver Stone and Tariq Ali, a real scholar, in conversation
on historical perspectives)

[4] (Tariq Ali, an intelligent and honored critic of western

[5] (F. William Engdahl, an honored scholar for 40 years on oil
wars, geo-politcal overviews, and a larger view & understanding
of what is happening and why).

[6] (Graham Hancock, an interesting and lengthy documentary
to find the true origins of civilization).

[7] Italy the road to war.

[8] (China in the early years of the 20th century. Introduction
of Japanese imperialism into Chinese affairs.

[9] (300 years of Dutch imperialism into Indonesia).

[10] (Toward understanding the rape of India by the Brits over the
course of 200+ years).

[11] (Part 2 of the above on Indian partition issues, and the
formation of Pakistan in 1947).

[ ] (The 50th anniversary on JFK’s assassination, November 22, 1963.
Much info is newly available. This coup changed history. Dark
Journalist is excellent interviewer).