Videos for Economics


(‘The Corporation’ in 23 sections. Seeks to tell the story
of how unbridled capitalism has become a curse. It uploads
#2-23 auto)

(F. William Engdahl in conversation explaining how the central
international banking system has crashed the worldwide economy
and what this is pointing at now. Part 1 of 3)

(F. William Engdahl. Part 3 of 3. [continujes the above]
Important information on the history of oil and its relation to
the US dollar by one of the world’s leading scholars in oil wars).

(A number of important voices sounding the alarm for the
forthcoming world economic crisis).

(LONG, but useful background understanding on how power and
money works to control the board)

(LONG, but useful material from G. Edward Griffiths, one
of the leading scholars on the Federal Reserve and the
economic slavery that has resulted).