New Energy Search


(Towards a fuller understanding of the scam called, “Peak Oil.”
Important in its implications. The search for the application of
new energy technology continues. This is a critical step for
the world economy and the geo-political re-balancing).

(Nick Begich is one of the most respected names in investigation
of H.A.A.R.P. in its use and applications. The implications of
the misuse of this are enormous. His work in the area of what
is called, ‘Chemtrails’ is widely regarded. His focus has been
on the area of weather modification).

(Sterling Allan in an interview on Red Ice Radio on the theory
and application of “free energy.” The application of a energy
grid that allows access to everyone that is simple, easy, and
of minimal cost will change the economic future of billions.
As one would imagine, there is great resistance by the petro-
chemical industry towards the development and application of
this technology. The outcome of this release-suppression
‘battle’ has huge implications for the future of humanity).