The Path (Ghandi) [P/O]


                             “The Path”

  I know the path: it is strait and narrow.  It is like the edge of a sword.   I rejoice to walk on it.  I weep when I slip.  God’s word is: “He who strives never perishes.”  I have implicit faith in that promise. Though, therefore, from my weakness, I fail a thousand times, I shall not lose faith.”
                                            (from a Mahatma Gandhi prayer)
Commentary: Mohandas K. Gandhi was universally known as Mahatma Gandhi. The title means “great soul.” He was born in British India in 1869 and died (being shot by an assassin) in January 1948, after having led his country of India (to freedom from British imperial control from 1858 – 1947) through a nonviolent, peaceful resistance and struggle that lasted over 40 years and two generations. It could be said that there were two primary reasons: (1) Britain was exhausted after WW 2 that ended in 1945; and (2) popular public sentiment in Britain demonstrated its right timing to implement this extension of democracy to the people of India.