J.S.G./Infinite Way

J.S.G = Joel S. Goldsmith (1892 – 1964)

NOTE: I see Joel Goldsmith as “the real deal.” Someone in the west who broke through
and got the FULL download. He has a marvelous ability to present/teach with great skill
and clarity the essential principles of what I call, the perennial tradition/philosophy which is
universal. His work is called, ‘The Infinite Way’ which was the title of his first book.

Core aspects of his teaching are very similar to what (we think) Christ really meant
(but no one understood). That message was corrupted, Jesus was deified and ‘kicked upstairs.’
Amnesia resulted, the Catholic Church the victor– with all the $$$ and power. The people
(once again) hungry for stale toast and bread crumbs, the institution one of the most powerful
of all time. Sounds like the human condition. We never learn, do we ?? A few slip through

Joel’s core teaching concepts include: [1] God is One. [2] God is consciousness.
[3] God knows nothing of the human dream/drama. That is our mind manufactured delusion.
[4] Therefore, we have been ‘praying’ to a God that never existed. [5] The hat trick is to access
our Higher Self and consciousness. Allow that to ‘drive the bus’ by surrendering the
wheel after you make authentic connection. Be the awake witness, in tune with the Infinite.
[6] Mind and intellect does not make this great transition occur. This is BEYOND mind and
intellect and is done by our true connection with Spirit/Source [7] A matured and developed
meditation is the royal road that facilitates this great transformation. [8] Prayer is our
way to tap in if done ‘rightly.’ How to do that requires that you really get #’s 1-7 above.

I love Joel’s contribution. He really got it, and devoted the last 30 years of his life to others.
A true man of God who was both wise, real, and humble. He was able to re-translate the (lost)
core truths of Christianity into the Western post-modern narrative. This is/was/will be a major
achievement for a long time to come. BRAVO, Joel. Simply BRAVO


(“Infinite Way” f/l book. This contains the core principles. The later chapters have poor audio.

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Marty’s #1, tape #113B 1955, Kailua study group

Marty’s #2, tape #23 full. Side B is the #2

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