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(NOTE: Hildegard of Bingen [1098 – 1179), was a German Benedictine abbess, writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, visionary, and polymath. She is considered to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany. She was the first woman to publish in the western world. An amazing being).


(This is Ron Friche SILENT gem, “Baraka” Speaks to the human condition using
the universal and the archetypal to tell the story

“The Function of the Poet”
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(Rudolf Steiner was one of the great minds of his time. This lecture was given 100
years ago and is in 6 parts. This is part #2 of 6)

(J.S.G. tape #464a)


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(New Thinking Allowed has some wonderful dialogues. This is Jeffrey Mishlove and
classical scholar Peter Grimes in a rich conversation).


(To my mind, Dane Wigington is one the great examples of true responsibility
by a private citizen (a.k.a patriotism) in the face of the incredible devastation
that has been set in motion by govt agencies and the corresponding collusion of
academics + media + political silence. He has 15 years in as the point man on this
essential fight against the climate disaster and corruption that is destroying the
bio-sphere. Chem-trails for 100 H.A.A.R.P. sites worldwide point to the fact that
this is a global collusion of govts. Geo-engineering is the useful term to use.
Dane’s site gets easily 200 thousand visits EVERY month. GeoengineeringWatch.org.
A true man of courage, wisdom, scholarly understanding, passion/perseverance who
has put this cause as the focus of his life for 15 years. Is there a better example
of a hero ?? I do not think so. Bravo, Dane)


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(Francis Weller, a man of wisdom on grief/gratitude)

(Be patient with her accent. Useful insights)


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(Dark Journalist is a most skilled and studied interviewer. Elana Freeland has some unique and important
research into CERN, geo-engineering, HAARP, chemtrails– very specific area of focus and research.
A REAL researcher and a passionate warrior for justice and truth).

(VERY recent. Catherine Austin Fitts. The first 1/2 is useful bio. The 2nd half is where
the mo~jo is. Catherine is a heavy hitter, an insider who is (still) good and true who knows where
the skeletons are buried. She is one of the first people to expose that the 2008 “bail out” [$700 billion $$
hype was ACTUAALY a give away to foreign and domestic banks for 21 TRILLION $$$. This figure is equal to the
US National debt).


The YELLOW and GREEN lines are the ACTUAL track of that horrendous (with a generous helping dose from
your government) Hurricane Harvey of the obvious engineering of the weather. This tack covers the
better part of a week. We see Harvey [1] Stop, [2] Turn around [3] Do a couple of 90* turns
[4] Linger waiting the proper geological components of the disaster to assemble. [5] Flood ruthlessly
Huston and surrounding areas in Texas. A great example of geo-engineering in front of your eyes.

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NOTE: N.O.A.A. map for 23 August
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NOTE: N.O.A.A map for 24 August

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The make everybody happy hurricane. 23-24 August. Schools cancelled. Students happy.
Work cancelled. Workers happy. Frenzied buying (2 weeks just in case supplies). Merchants happy.

Hurricane Lane (Hawai’i version of disastrous Hurricane Harvey of 2017.

“The Mountain View gage has measured 52.02 inches of rain for the period from 8 AM HST August 22 when the outer rain bands started impacting the Big Island through 8 AM HST August 26 after the trailing rain band passed west of South Point. An unverified private weather station also reported 58.80 inches during this same time span. We will attempt to validate this private weather station report. Both totals indicate that Hurricane Lane has broken the Hawaii tropical cyclone storm total rainfall record, pending verification of the data. The previous record was 52.00 inches, measured at Kanalohuluhulu Ranger Station, during Hurricane Hiki in 1950. The Hurricane Lane total would also make it the second highest storm total rainfall from a tropical cyclone in the United States since 1950. The highest total is 60.58 inches, measured at Nederland, Texas, during Hurricane Harvey in 2017.” [NOTE: from Big Is Video, 29 August]

(Hurricane Lane, 24 August images of Hilo area)

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Image of “Main Street” Hilo (Kam Aveneue) on 28 August. How quickly
we recover from huge rainfall levels and flooding– due to ground structure.

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(G. Edward Griffin (a real pro). Excellent background analysis on HOW/WHy the secret societies are organized.
Good info on CFR, the nature of political conspiracies, Cecil Rhodes Foundation, etc/etc)

(Scott Mandelker, intro to….)


(Wonderful man, and long time seeker after truth, Jacob Needleman – philosopher and author,
talks about the poverty of time that we experience in our modern technological world.
He explores the paradox of how this poverty is rooted in our attempts to satisfy our desires,
and describes the experience of real meaning as being one of timelessness.


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(Leak Project interviews Hans Wilhelm)

**************Clif High on Forum Boeealis ********************

(A conversation with 2 great minds in dialogue on the nature
of consciousness)

(This is part #3 of 3 of a 5 hour long conversation with Clif High
on Forum Borealis, of Norway. Some very interesting material here
in this conversation on Antarctica).

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(WoodwardTV– an interesting site. We do not send our children to schools to become
educated. We send them to schooling to become replacement parts for the social machine)

(Veritas is a fine site).



This is the first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights.
The large absurdity/tragedy is that these fundamental and guaranteed rights
(within one of the great documents of political and moral history) have, in large
measure, already been shredded to some extent. They are testing us/U.S. to see
how much we will tolerate. Looks like our tolerance level (along with our level
of stupidity) is enormous.

The odd thing is that so few people are aware of this. Even odder is the prevailing attitude
that accompanies that: people do not seem to care. This is a formula for disaster.

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