Ecological Issues


[1] (Lovely 5min video images and song from “Home”)

[2] (Access to “Home” not able to embed, scroll down to related
vids for access. Beautiful camera work. First part is most
stunning. Peak Oil aspect is their soft sell; don’t buy in).


[4] (Jeffrey Smith has done the world a true service with the
quality of his investigative work on Monsanto and GMO’s.
Author and filmmaker).

[5] (“Seeds of Death,” a documentary on GMO seeds, the history
of this ongoing disaster that is unraveling).


[6] (The story of Fukushima is the one we are only just beginning
to realize the magnitude. It is a game changer with no simple
or quick solution. A few understood the dire consequences in
mid-March of 2011. Chernobyl is a story that we have a clear
understanding of. Here is a excellent documentary that tells
the story of how this April, 1986 disaster was dealt with.
500,000 Russian soldiers that were involved, the cost in
human life [estimated at 1,000,000 deaths] that are directly
attributed to radiation issues that followed the explosion).

[7] (Arne Gunderson and Dr. Helen Caldicott [long time activist
in this field] in a useful conversation on Fukushima).

[8] (Arne Gunderson is one of the most respected voices in
bringing the magnitude of the Fukushima disaster to our
attention by YouTube and lectures around the world.
A skilled consultant, very knowledgeable, and clear in his
many presentations. A name you can trust).

[9] (Kevin Kamps has a great deal of credibility in the informed
nuclear community. Lectures effectively and professionally
on this matter along with Arne Gunderson).

[10] (Arne Gunderson providing some great live images to show
us the state of Fukushima’s 6 reactors plus a very sobering
inventory about the fuel rods in reactor #4 [upcoming
removal] with the implications that follow.

[11] (On Fukushima Beach 2 [second in the 3 part series] more
philosophical, by Andrew Ebisu

[12] (The Bombing of Kyoto, [part 3 of 3]

[13] (“Thrive” is a freely available F/L documentary on multiple
ecological concerns. It asks: “What on Earth will it take ??”
[for US all to change direction] from our present course).

[14] (“The Man Who Planted Trees” and truly inspiring true story by
famous French author, Jean Giona of the love a devotion of one
man during the period 1915-1935 to plant 100,000’s of trees and
thus changing desolation into fruitful land. Animated and truly
touching. Great for children. Award winning).

[15] (An inspiring look at how much food can be grown in a very
small space given knowledge, true intention, persistence).

[16] (Interesting web site: BPEarthWatch [note link] on solar
present issues. Their site is very comprehensive for a
diversity of useful info on various environmental topics).