Ecological Issues


(Lovely 5min video images and song from “Home”)

(Access to “Home” not able to embed, scroll down to related
vids for access. Beautiful camera work. First part is most
stunning. Peak Oil aspect is their soft sell; don’t buy in).

(An important documentary that explores the question: “Why
are we getting sicker.” Points to the food we eat, Monsanto,
GMO’s, and other areas. A number of the leading voices in
this area are involved. Excellent and very educational).

(Jeffrey Smith has done the world a true service with the
quality of his investigative work on Monsanto and GMO’s.
Author and filmmaker).

(More on Monsanto and GMO’s. Very important to understand
how this has come about and the effects on our health and
well being. For so many this has slipped under their radar).

(“Seeds of Death,” a documentary on GMO seeds, the history
of this ongoing disaster that is unraveling).

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(The story of Fukushima is the one we are only just beginning
to realize the magnitude. It is a game changer with no simple
or quick solution. A few understood the dire consequences in
mid-March of 2011. Chernobyl is a story that we have a clear
understanding of. Here is a excellent documentary that tells
the story of how this April, 1986 disaster was dealt with.
500,000 Russian soldiers that were involved, the cost in
human life [estimated at 1,000,000 deaths] that are directly
attributed to radiation issues that followed the explosion).

(Russian speaking with English translations in writing
on the state of Chernobyl 25 years afyer the 1986 event).

(Arne Gunderson and Dr. Helen Caldicott [long time activist
in this field] in a useful conversation on Fukushima).

(Arne Gunderson is one of the most respected voices in
bringing the magnitude of the Fukushima disaster to our
attention by YouTube and lectures around the world.
A skilled consultant, very knowledgeable, and clear in his
many presentations. A name you can trust).

(Kevin Kamps has a great deal of credibility in the informed
nuclear community. Lectures effectively and professionally
on this matter along with Arne Gunderson).

(Arne Gunderson providing some great live images to show
us the state of Fukushima’s 6 reactors plus a very sobering
inventory about the fuel rods in reactor #4 [upcoming
removal] with the implications that follow.

(On Fukushima Beach 2 [second in the 3 part series] more
philosophical, by Andrew Ebisu

(The Bombing of Kyoto, [part 3 of 3]
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(“Thrive” is a freely available F/L documentary on multiple
ecological concerns. It asks: “What on Earth will it take ??”
[for US all to change direction] from our present course).

(“The Man Who Planted Trees” and truly inspiring true story by
famous French author, Jean Giona of the love a devotion of one
man during the period 1915-1935 to plant 100,000’s of trees and
thus changing desolation into fruitful land. Animated and truly
touching. Great for children. Award winning).

(Dr David Suzuki, Canadian ecologist, in a presentation warning
against GMO trees. [15:15 …. leads in to discussion from
Big Island on papaya. UHH professor in interview, etc.]
Useful to see this important issue discussed directly).

(An inspiring look at how much food can be grown in a very
small space given knowledge, true intention, persistence).

(Interesting web site: BPEarthWatch [note link] on solar
present issues. Their site is very comprehensive for a
diversity of useful info on various environmental topics).