Jordon Peterson

(A bit of soul sound to put you in the right mindedness)
It is difficult to know how to introduce this wonderful,
brilliant sage and University professor. His insight and
ability to express with great depth and clarity is so rare.
Unique integration. No sound bites. Passionate and intense.
Hugely well educated in the humanities and literature. A
combination of Nietzsche and C.G. Jung, but understandable–
whereas Jung could be so difficult to grok. Jordon has seen
through much of the cultural absurdity of this period of
history and has the insight, wisdom, and the courage to come out
with a sword that cuts through the nonsense. One simply
want to applaud and say, BRAVO. Onward Jordon, keep on
keeping on…we need you.


[1] Given that is is difficult to know where to begin to access an integrated mind of such depth & understanding AND…. also such a large radius of unique and assimilated wisdom as this rare man. His is a magnificent example of a truly educated mind that has specialized in truth, self inquiry, the study of one’s being, history, literature all his adult life. May I suggest to begin your study and exploration this clip as selected excerpts from Jordon and a Joe Rogan interview in late November, 2016. It is about 40% of the whole interview (JRE # 877, item # [3a] on this page).

If you do not like this. You will/would not like Jordon. If you like this, you are in for a ride with access to a unique and wonderful mind of rare depth and clarity of perception.

[2] “Maps of Meaning” classes, 2016 at Univ of Toronto. This is Jordon the academic, sitting down at his desk in front of this class on day #1, first class, and rambling eloquently about what his style, mindset, themes, etc. to give them a taste IF they would want to take this class. Note: Exactly what I did also on day #1 in my college teaching from 2003 to 2016 in the University of Hawaii, community college system in Hilo. Hold on….not for everyone.

NOTE: This is also his very early ventures of recording for YouTube his classes of which there is a deep library of material. Nothing really to watch– so do not get stuck in front of the screen. Sit down somewhere else and really listen.

JP’s later videos are more skillful (thankfully) as there have been persons who have put a large amount of $$ available monthly for just this singular purpose: the promotion of ideas that can/will act as an antidote to the folly and patterns of self-destructiveness that are now epidemic in western civilization. We who understand, who get it, KNOW that “it” must change or a progressive chaos and disaster of enormous scope will be the consequence. And…the band plays on to distract and capture our attention. Time to wake up and pass it on.

NOTE: Although clear and concise, it takes a lot of listening ‘time in’ to get the thought nuggets. So, Honor the man, the time, the process, and your listening ear that is hungry for people that truly see, and can speak to the issues at this time, in this way, at this depth of meaning and substance. One wishes that there was more ZEN in Jordon. There is not. He is passionate, and eloquent, and an oral word~smith. So be it).

[3] (University of Toronto professor and clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson, delivers the 2010 Hancock Lecture entitled ‘The Necessity of Virtue.’ He discusses virtue from a contemporary perspective that both encompasses and extends beyond moral and religious contexts. Through compelling stories and research, Dr. Peterson illustrates the necessity of virtue both for the individual and for society at large. Excellent).

[4] Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Outstanding interview with a real pro in this genre, Joe Rogan).

[5] Boom…boom with Joe Rogan. Pulls no punches. A marvelous example of real dialogue and the mutual inquiry towards clarity and truth. Simply wonderful. Rogan is the perfect person to interview Jordon. These are two heavy hitters in an extraordinary dialogue. Quite long (as is Rogan’s style. There is no fluff here. Just a passionate intensity to access and communicate depth, insight, direction and leadership in the face of a massive breakdown of the cultural fabric).

[6] Two-part interview with Dr Jordan Peterson, April 2017, in Vancouver, Canada.

[7] [SKIP the intro, begin at 18:00] (JP’s brief: “Conservatism has all-too-often found itself unable to articulate a coherent positive doctrine. By this I mean specifically that the laudable conservative tendency to preserve the best of past has too-often manifested itself in a series of “thou shalt not” statements, instead of laying out a manifesto of fundamental values that might serve to unite people around a set of common ambitions. I am attempting to rectify this problem with this statement of principles, some of which I believe might have the additional virtue of being attractive to young people, looking for mature and forthright purpose and responsibility.” Note: a bit too verbose as an explanation, but do listen).


Download (DOCX, 120KB)


[8] (Jordon in earlier years)



(The BBC series with the title: “Human…human all too Human,”
was very well received. This is on Nietzsche.

(The “Anti-Christ” is a fierce book written with a pen & hammer by Nietzsche. It strips bare our sentiments and forces us to see otherwise in our time of a soft and docile over conditioned niceness. Now, the state has captured our integrity and taken our culture/civilization right to the point of chaos and disaster. The distractions so well designed keep our attention and ability to respond asleep).

(It is useful to realize how little we know about the foundational history and structures of western thought. Jordon certainly was familiar with these giants of mind and were certainly part of his educational development. Will Durant won a Nobel Prize in literature for this classic book on the history of western philosophers. Well read and easy to listen to and VERY useful in the building of a mind of intelligence, discernment, and substance).

(Full audio book a recommended read Jordon. “Explaining
Postmodernism” by Stephen Hicks. Understanding this is
important. If we don’t, we will continue to have our
head up our ass and they will leave us clueless and
spinning around like fools while the castle walls continue
to be de-constructed (as is their intention)

NOTE: Scroll down using right slide bar. Microsoft Word doc
with images and fine thought

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**************** Religious thought series ****************

(Excellent series of lectures on the foundations of Biblical
thought in a unique manner. Mostly 2 hour lectures with a
30 minute Q & A that follows. Large lecture hall in Toronto.
The series began in May, 2017. There are over 600 thousand
bites on this introductory lecture. This speaks so loudly
to how good, intelligent people are hungry for a sage with
real skills in teaching and communication in the field of
Ontology to open people’s minds in a most rare manner.
Bravo, Jordon, Bravo).


(2 part interview)

(Jordon was invited to speak at Harvard University on the use of compassion as a mask for the advance of the profoundly anti-western postmodern and neo-marxist doctrines. There was a fair bit of controversy surrounding the invitation (which accounted in part for the relatively confrontational tone of the interview and discussion).

A Manifesto…. Note: RIGHT SLIDE BAR (4 pages)

Download (DOCX, 79KB)

Jordon discuss the development of post-modernism, its relationship to Marxism, the dangers it poses to the civilization of the West, and what might be done, in consequence. March of 2017 at The Ottawa (Canada) Public Library.

Pay particular attention to what JP says after 19:00 when He is talking about Nietzsche’s great insight and Jung’s work to understand the loss of meaning and what will/must occur at that crossroad. Welcome to the 20th century and beyond. [Nihilism + totalitarianism + nuclear annihilation (possibility)] plus 101 other fates and furies that MUST be resolved if humanity is to continue.)

(JP’s class on “Personality” from the beginning. There is a great deal of wisdom, especially psychological here. It requires time in and real listening. Something we are unable/reluctant to do all too often. One wishes perhaps that there was more ZEN in Jordon that he could sum up his wisdom and insight into fewer words. He does not. It is not his style. He is an oral word~smith. Put the time in. The result– assuming that you like/want his knowledge and reception and understanding is a real gift you can make to yourself. This series is a whole semester class at University of Toronto. It is a marvelous example of a free university on line. That is huge gift in a period of time that has gone ‘bat shit crazy’ and lacks leadership, direction, and moral excellence).

(A series of 20 vids from JP’s class on “Personality” at Univ. of Toronto this year. This one is on C.G. Jung who was clearly one of the great minds of the 20th century. Jung is difficult to read/access and has remained too unseen and assimilated as a consequence. Jordon has a way to cut to the chase and clarify eloquently the heart of the matter. For those of us who want to develop our inner being and grow our humanity, C.G. Jung is a sentinel of light and a beacon upon that path. That path is aimed at ‘the good’ truth/inner being and maturity. This is increasingly what we (collectively) must now do. It is both
obvious and imperative).

************* Wisdom from long ago and far away **************

(JP would honor the concise wisdom of Marcus Aurelius who lived 1800 years previously and was both an emperor and a philosopher)

(It is ironic that the 2 great example of Stoic philosophy are contemporaries. One was the Roman Emperor and one was the Roman slave, Epictetus

The U.S. Constitution, “Bill of Rights.” NOTE: RIGHT SLIDE BAR

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