Homeland Security, by Paul Craig Roberts


U.S. taxpayers are paying the Orwellian Department of Homeland Security  $56.3 billion this year to porno-scan and grope them and otherwise invade their privacy, while millions of Americans are foreclosed out of their homes.”        (by Paul Craig Roberts)


Commentary: Paul Craig Roberts (1939- present) was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the early part of the Reagan Administration, editor and  an author for the  Wall Street Journal, as well as a noted academic, and think tank research fellow.  As such, he has very impressive conservative credentials. Yet, he has evolved to become a highly respected voice for the alternative press in large variance of US administration policy since the second Bush administration. He has morphed into  a valuable resource in our search for greater understanding of the economic and political ‘burning issues of the day.’ This is a matter of integrity and personal responsibility.  Bravo, Paul.