Robert Morse/HEALTH

Robert Morse is, to my thinking, ‘the man’ when it comes
to a single person’s understanding on the matter of food/
diet/health yada…yada. I trust his insight. It goes
way back to the 1960’s


(A very exceptional man, Joe Dispenza. His story of how he ‘healed himself’
of a tragic accident is a tale to behold. Therefore: he is the real deal.
He understands the power and use of right mind as applied to our health and
healing. LOTS of material available on Dr. Joe.

(A problem of enormous magnitude that was simply swept under the rug.
NOTE; There were people who were really tapped in who KNEW by the
emd of March, 2011 that this was a problem without a solution. That
is a large (but partial) reason why one can be imprisoned in Japan
for going against the official narrative and making a nuisance of oneself.
So very, very few do/have/will. Alas…alas.