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(This is a well read SERIES of 19 commentaries by Maurice Nicoll.
To access the auto upload aspect you will have to look under/in
“related videos.” Read by Elizabeth Mohr. It begins with the
“Letter to Bush” overview and is all from Book #1 (of 5)

(Maurice Nicoll’s book, “The New Man” A machine read; but done as well as can be done. PRAYER: 4:20:30 to ________


(“The Herald of Coming Good”)

(Shorts on Gurdjieff to grand~daughter

(Q and A with G)

(a book of G’s)

(Talk #2. There are at least 5 such)

(Orange was a key student of GUrdjieff from early on. He was one of the high intellectuals and literary figures of Europe at the time. Here he is giving his interpretations on Gurdjieff’s most important 1,200 page massif. “Beelzebub’s Meetings with his Grandson.” Well read and an important entry
into the work and G).

(Beelzebub, Chapter 5)

(Beelzebub, Chapter 43)

(Beelzebub, Chapter 47


(“Meetings with Remarkable Men” is an autobiographical book and
her G honors his teachers (beginning with his father). Made
into a movie that is available. One sees what an extraordinary
life of search and adventure he lived)

(Listening to this chapter helps to understand WHO G was in his extraordinary life and adventures in search of truth).

(The film of the above was made by Peter Brook. There are some scenes in these clips but you will need to be creative in ‘related videos’ to access.
A core aspect of the work is the dances and movements which are very specific and exact and assist in developing the unity of the moving center, and the other centers of the person).


(Ouspensky’s book of Q and A on “the work.”)

(Ouspensky, “In Search of the Miraculous.” This is part #1 of 16. For auto upload access via “related videos” below. An excellent resource into G’s work.

(film with 100 year old Russian film images)

(Ouspensky, “The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution.”
Note: I have this book in my library. One keeps waiting for
Ouspensky to get more fully into it as he seems to continue
to assert with variations the same premise).

************** Jacob Needleman *******************

(Jacob Needleman, a true elder [1934 to present])

****** Respected Contemporary Popularizes of ************

(On Feeding the wolf in everyone)

(Kenneth Walker was a well known student of Ouspensky and long time
friend of Maurice Nicoll. A Machine read but doable).


(Kaballah series)


(James Perloff is one of those great investigators into the truth
of what is really going down. Over 30 years of writing and work.
This is a series of 30 YouTube selections FYI).

(highly developed physicist speaking so well about
philosophy. Skillful)


(There are few people who have had the steady passionate
motivation to inform and wave the red environmental flag
of impending disaster than Dane Wiggington. This is a series
that dates back to his weekly updates that dates back to
August of 2014. This man knows of which he speaks. No
fluff, just wake up…because it is now critical that
we do).


(Series of 16 chapters from book)


(Understanding these issues is so important on the
relationship of energy to economy and the inevitable
collapse of complex societies into a post-industrial
fate. Joseph Tainter is highly regarded)

(Excellent and intelligent site)