Look up…Pay attention. This is real and true

(This is the very early classic expose, “What in the World
are they Spraying ?? A good place to being one’s initial inquiry
into this enormous and health threatening topic)

(Examples of strings being released and floating down. I note
this today, mid June, 2017 in Hilo. My skies are also your skies).

(Good serious material and clear images INSIDE of the aircraft on the
equipment used in the spraying).

(If there is to be a heroic figure in this effort at speaking truth to
power in this field (called more usefully, geo-engineering) it would
most certainly be Dane Wigington).

(A Dan Wigington presentation, December, 2016 that includes in
this SERIES 8 short examples and clips of chemtrails etc…etc).

(Dane’s latest weekly wake up. He has done this every
Saturday for over 2 years. Honorable + Courage + Passion.
A marvelous example of an intelligent and informed single
individual willing to give 105% for all the right reasons).

(Lots of visuals and examples, FYI)