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I Knew a Woman Once Who…. (P/O)



I knew a woman once who made love to men to take the war out of their hearts. When she told me this, I smiled; and she, sensing that I understood asked me if I should like to hear more. “Oh, yes, I said,  please do.” “OK…, she said, here goes.”

  “For a woman to be happy, she needs a place for her moon to rest. She goes all about the everywhere in seeking a stopping and resting place for her inner moon from which her essence comes; but there is none to be found. For the men are all somewhere else and otherwise– seeking to dominate, and to win their spoils and trophies from the land of me and mine, from the myth, and movie, and madness of the marketplace.

   The members of the male tribe of the species, Homo sapiens think that this is human nature and a necessary part of the human condition. They will look at you smugly and site the appropriate latest scientific study that says that war is in the killer gene which is number 13,313 in the DNA spiral loop located in the left side pocket of the fourteen hypo-foreskin of the brain. They will assume that their knowledgeable argument has captured the day while their little minds sit there spinning out another wet web of spin-speak.”

   “You will stand there like a tiger on fire waiting for this fool to look you in the eyes so that you can deliver your blow of true words from a peaceful warrior of the female tribe of the species, Homo sapiens. For a real woman, who acts in alignment and accord with that which is transcendent to her from below (as Earth or Gaia consciousness) and above (as the divine aspect) knows that this is more pap, and piss, and vinegar from their propaganda machine. You know in your heart of hearts that this woman deep on the inside of her lake of soul knows nothing of war. There the waters are still and sweet and simple. Here, the fire in her belly is pure and powerful. Here, there is always the time and place to make bread, to feed the children, to dance and sing, to talk story with the other women of the circle while the men are all somewhere else, and somewhere otherwise doing their undoing to one another.”

   “It is this war on the inside of the man that keeps the woman’s moon away from herself. It is this war that drives the man wild from the bottom up and the top down from which there seems to be no solution except a long and difficult heavy storm. The clouds have been gathering for thousands of years now. Can you feel them ?? Can you sense them now, she asked ??”

   She paused here and looked deep into my inner to measure the width and depth of the person to whom she was gifting with her true words. Satisfied that she had encountered quite by happenstance a “bonne homme a good man, a true member of the male tribe of the species, Homo sapiens; she smiled and continued with her story so precious and deep. I looked at her and felt a thin stream of salted water fall gracefully from my eyes. This was a blessing point, and we both knew it. This was a rare moment on the game board of life when something greater than ourselves, something transcendent to us all waits for us to open our hearts and our minds, in just the “right way.” Something divine and wonderful, something ever so profound waits for us to open our heart-minds– that we may receive what waits for us to be and become. Let us make ourselves ready to receive. Let us all learn how to become feminine to the Great Mystery, the divinity within us all. Let us all learn how to consciously receive spirit. That is a great truth about what it means for us to become more fully human. We are the divinity resting within us– waiting for us simply to realize this singular truth, and to become more fully human. Consciousness is evolving. A new order of humanity waits offstage for its cue to enter.

   “It is only when the man begins to wake up and to see that there are other options- that the moon of the woman can find her resting place. He must first learn to embrace co-operation and the spirit of kindness and nurturance for all living things. He must not think that these sentiments are naive and foolish in the face of the obvious horrors and the struggle for survival that is apparent in the natural order. No one is saying that life is not cruel at times, or that competition is a bad thing, or that the other classical male aspects of character do not have their proper place and perspective in the natural order, and in the civilizations of humankind. However, the deep feminine wisdom of the day and age in which we live says that only by fully embracing cooperation, kindness, nurture, and a reverence for all living things that we will, as a world civilization be able to sustain ourselves.”

   “Show me such a man,” she said, “and I will show you a new member of the male tribe of the latest, but not necessarily last species of mammal, Homo sapiens. This is what is now happening this transition; and let me assure you from the bottom of my soul, that this is as certain as you standing now before me with your listening ears and open heart. The river of fate and flow, Mother Gaia’s own manner of throwing the dice and moving forward in her dance step of diversity called evolution is doing this. She does this because it has now become essential and must be done.

   There is an old saying that “necessity is the mother of invention.” Changes will occur because changes must occur. We are moving out from a time of the domination of the masculine principle to a time of honoring and re-embracing of the deep feminine principle and polarity.”

   “I tell you truly that nature loves crisis. Crisis calls forth the necessity to change. Do you understand that, my brother ?? Nature loves crisis. This is her window of opportunity to pull out the hat trick of many options in order to find the combination of factors that will move things forward toward the center of the balance beam away from chaos into harmony. From chaos and confusion change occurs. There is a tipping point. The tipping point for the return to the light occurs at the midnight hour when the night is in full strength over the day. The tipping point for the return to the darkness occurs at high noon when the sun is highest in sky. The tipping point is reached at the moment of greatest extremity– when an opposite and counter movement is required into its complementary state. Please consider that simple and singular understanding. Nature when confronted with the widespread disaster of rape, pillage, and burn– that is the standard of the modern day puts on all manner of hats, dresses, shoes, and costumes. Nature is the master of change. She is the queen of form; and nature also is the ultimate pragmatist. If it works don’t fix it, she says to no one in particular. If it doesn’t, she pulls out all the stops 24/7 (in the current language) to alter the condition to where everything works ‘nicey-nicey’ again.”

   “So she goes to her drawing board which is the genetic process of DNA inheritance and begins to experiment with what works. She is willing to make lots of mistakes until she gets it right. It is all trial and error with the Great Mother. It could be said meaningfully that nature doesn’t give much of a hoot about the single individual. She is concerned with her design, her species. She wants at all costs to protect her species. Lots of species have come and gone. Millions of species have come and gone and been retired forever. Forever !! Once she breaks the mold. She does not change her mind. In fact, she cannot. She is a river that can only flow downstream. One direction only …… forward !! Once a species goes extinct, it is retired forever. And forever is a very, very long time, my friend.”

   “Finding this, she said, I should no longer have to make love to men to take the war out from their hearts. Neither would I need to light a candle at dusk to my frozen dreams that wait.”