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Brother David (from) “Learning to Die” (P/O)


     “Keep death always before your eyes.” (Saint Benedict)

  One reason why Christian tradition has always steered me away from preoccupation with reincarnation has not so much to do with doctrine as with spiritual practice.

   The finality of death is meant to challenge us to decision, the decision to be fully present here now, and so begin eternal life. For eternity rightly understood is not the perpetuation of time, on and on; but rather the overcoming of time by the now that does not pass away.  We are always looking for opportunities  to postpone the decision.  That is the human condition and dilemma.

   So if you say: “Oh, after this I will have another life and another life,” you might never live, but keep dragging along half dead because you never face death.

   Don Juan says to Carlos Castaneda, That is why you are so moody and not fully alive, because you forget you are to die; you live as if you were going to live forever.”

   What remembrance of death is meant to do, as I understand it, is to help us make the decision. Don Juan stresses death as the adviser. Death makes us warriors.

      (by Brother David Steindl-Rast, from “Learning to Die”)

Give Purity to our Minds (P/O)



    Give purity to our minds,  Aspiration to our hearts,  Light to our eyes.

    Out of thy grace and bountyGive us that which thou considers best.  Cure the ills of our life.

     (by Ansari of Herat, 11th century, Persian Sufi mystic)