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Walking the Narrow Road (P/O)


                                 Walking the Narrow Road

   It is essential to understand that a new synthesis of knowledge as a New Emergent Worldview (N.E.W.) can only occur if we will continue to hold the problem in our mind’s eye in the spirit of humility and deep openness.

   And… something we do not and cannot understand… is doing something we know not what. It is an emergent process.

   It is facile (easy) to speak of openness and humility.  Words are everywhere in this time. All too often we seduce ourselves and think that to express ideas with words is to point towards ourselves as exemplars of those words. We will need to walk our talk and that is never easy or simple. In fact, it is quite uncommon.

   Essentially, in regard to this N.E.W– as the New Emergent Worldview, there are very, very few examples.

   Essentially, only the very few ‘get it. It is not a static wisdom; but a process of emergent evolution of consciousness. It is not some half eyed, dreamily spoken, warmed over love the mother, ecological, back to the earth, love is the answer, feel good magic mantra that is being sold in the marketplaces of modernity. Blah….Blah….Blah.

  However, we are definitely moving into that N.E.W. It is a birthing process that is underway. Life will mature this process if it is allowed and encouraged, watered and honored by people just like you the reader.


   Everyone is invited to become; but mis-direction inhibits our becoming.

   The ‘chosen people’ are those that choose to maintain the sacrifice. What is the sacrifice ?? What has it ever been but the self offering itself up on the alter of the true Self for the benefit of all and everything (as the diety, the God of our understanding, Mind, Tao, the ‘Great Mystery,’ consciousness itself.  The name is secondary.  What is central and most uncommon is to realize within oneself the connection.  Perhaps, that is the great higher meaning for all human beings; and perhaps especially so in this period of huge change and transition.

   Our real work is our sacrifice. We finally come to understand that deep within each and every moment of one’s life within each ‘now~ever’ and forever present moment of one’s life, it is possible to make conscious connection between one’s self and that which is transcendent to it. 

  It seems to me that it is easy to say. Perhaps this is both the most important and difficult achievement of one’s life. For “Life is short and truth is long.” Thus we choose to walk the narrow road. Thus we choose.