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The Struggle to Know Oneself…


  “The struggle to know who I am, in truth and in spirit, is the spiritual quest. The movement in myself from the mask to the face, from the personality to the true person, from my performing actor to the ruler of my inner soul chamber, is the spiritual journey.”

             (by Ravi  Ravindra)

The Inevitable Estrangement of Being


   The consequences of the inevitable estrangement from one’s inner being, one’s soul, is apparent in the contemporary world for all who choose (and are able) to see.  This is a cultural crisis of the first magnitude. This is precisely the pattern in which the modern world finds itself.  It is a progressive emergence and unfolding.

   Something we do not and cannot understand is doing something we know not what.

   Unless a culture is willing to come to terms with this, to see, identify, and name the problem, it will never be able to move from the level of the problem to the level of the solution.  Western culture has increasingly and progressively separated itself from the existential awareness of the soul.  It sees the soul as a naive vestige from the past, or a religious doctrine that has no basis in fact.  Its existence can neither be confirmed or verified by standard empirical scientific methodologies.

   Therefore, we have been led down a one way road to a blind alley on a road that is fast approaching a cliff.  The chasm is wide and deep.  We will not turn around.  That gesture would be anti- progress.  We will not admit defeat.  We cannot, must not ( for that would admit that we are wrong.)   And more than anything, we hate to admit that we were wrong.  We know we are right, so they say, so they say. 

   A little further down  the road, just a little further down the road, and everything will be swell again, so we say… so we say. After all, after all, we have international corporations on our side.  We have government on our side. We have international finance on our side.  We have the media on our side. We have education on our side. We have science and technology on our side. We have our interpretation of history on our side.  We have progress on our side. 

   And they look at each other, and smile that smile of self-satisfaction. It is their field, and they know it.  They own the football, and the rules, and the players, and the crowds. They own the commercials, and the announcers, and the planes flying overhead at half time.  They own today.  They have owned yesterday as far back as anyone can ever remember. They know they will own tomorrow, so they say, so they say. And  so why should anything change, they ask themselves.

   It is hard to find just the right answer to them.  It is simple.  It is right before our eyes.  It is in the air that we breathe.  Every time we take an in-breath, we animate ourselves with spirit and source and substance.  The in-breath is the first act that we do that initiates our life and ‘livingness.’

   The answer is there; but it must not be simply words.  If it were merely words, it could be no more that ‘the finger pointing at the moon.’  Words are symbols. They stand in place of the reality that they, as words,  do not, and cannot touch.  We must answer those who always win on their field by their rules with their football with reality itself.  We ourselves must transform ourselves and become that reality.

     We ourselves must now learn how to become transparent  to the transcendent


   Carry no stones down to the banks of the river. Speak to the river on tongues of light. For we are hollow bamboo reeds that carry no memory now floating down and across this river called, Life.”

   “Spirit is the doer.  And spirit is the deed to be done as well. And spirit is the doing of the deed to be done by the doer. We human beings are the blessing point in which the doer, and the doing, and the deed become one.”

Einstein on the Mystical (P/O)



“The most beautiful emotion that we can experience is the mystical. It is the sower of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger … is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms- this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center to true religiousness.”

(Albert Einstein)

In Seeing You (P/O)

In seeing you, I find my own face. In knowing you, I become myself.

Commentary: In some ways, this is an appropriate understanding of our great inheritance and debt to what are often called, primal cultures. Another way would be to consider them to be, “First People.” Or, the original inhabitants of their native land be it in North America (Amerindians) or the aboriginal people of Australia, or anywhere else that people lived before the great migrations of mostly European people who explored other lands in the inhabit other lands for their resources. This is not a good way to start a relationship (conquest and exploitation).

We live in a period of time when this pattern of conquest and exploitation is seen for what it was. However, following the conquest comes the soft cultural change which is more subtle and may last centuries. This will include the economic paradigm (based upon paper currency as money) of the conquering nation as well as their religions and other foundations. The result is the ‘diminishment’ of the host culture to which many primal cultures have simply vanished, or, at best, lost their vitality. This tragic outcome is being reversed with the recognition of the huge cultural and natural wisdom of many of these primal peoples.

They lived lives that were uncluttered, They had time to think, to follow natural rhythms of weather, of animal, of vegetation. They lived in accord with their environment that points to a wisdom that modern cultures have yet to learn. We have much to learn from them. This requires an open mind that is willing and able to see and learn from a very different mode of thought, or religious foundation and see the wisdom, value and meaning within it.

In essence, we say to them:   “In seeing you, I find my own face.                In knowing you, I become myself.”