A Brief Bio on Myself

5 keys

   It seems to me that our biography is our ‘story.’   I am not of the opinion that it is who we most truly are.  It is, however, who most of us ‘think’ we are.  And this is a large measure of “the human condition.”  It is the story that we write large, that we live, choose, and do. I do not consider that our story is simply: we are born and we live and we die. Something else that is both very subtle and profound is the N.E.W. (New Emergent Worldview) determining factor that we are asked to embrace and realize. The problem that this is not an aspect knowable by our senses. One could say that it is invisible (because it is interior; but still knowable. It seems to me that eventually (who can say how long) our soul (as our unique aspect of the Divinity, the God~heart) makes authentic connection with Spirit, as the Great Mystery of our understanding.

  I am of the opinion that truly knowing (not believing) this is both most uncommon and hugely useful.  We emerge and evolve into this by our own inner work and through authentic community.  Here is my formula for this community aspect.  It has three components.  (1):  We find people with whom we can be fully authentic in our communication.  This requires patience and discernment as it is uncommon, to be sure. (2) We find people who have the capacity for true listening.  This too, is uncommon. (3) Thought this combination, we inquire, we discern, we reflect each other, we move towards greater understanding. This is how we grow our humanity.

74 years ago, he was born there. Now, he lives here. In between, everything happened, and then again no~thing happened. My father was my father. My mother was my mother. I was schooled and trained, fell asleep like everyone else in a world of sleeping cats and dogs. Somehow…somehow, I found the will and intention to wake up to the human condition. Now what does one say to a kindly man when he whispers in your ear ??

The Bamboo Way is the watercourse way, it follows the course of the river downstream.

         I am open to authentic dialogue with you: thomson@hawaii.edu

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