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[1] (Excellent resource and well read FULL LENGTH audio book: “The History of Western Philosophy,” by Bertrand Russell (1945)

[2] (Neoplatonism, the last school of Greek philosophy, given its definitive shape in the 3rd century AD by the philosopher Plotinus. The ancient philosophers who are generally classified as Neoplatonists called themselves simple “Platonists,” as did the philosophers of the Renaissance and the 17th century whose ideas derive from ancient Neoplatonism).

[3] (This lecture by Seyyed Hossein Nasr, where he delivered the first part of a two part introduction to the essence of perennial philosophy as embedded within the Islamic Tradition, was the keynote address to the two-day event: Intellectuality and Spirituality in the Islamic Tradition–A Prelude to the Perennial Philosophy, held at The George Washington University in 2016).

[4] (In The Lessons of History the authors provided a summary of periods and trends in history they had noted upon completion of their momentous eleven-volume The Story of Civilization. Will Durant stated that he and Ariel “made note of events and comments that might illuminate present affairs, future probabilities, the nature of man, and the conduct of states. It is an overview of the themes and lessons observed from 5,000 years of world history, examined from 12 perspectives: geography, biology, race, character, morals, religion, economics, socialism, government, war, growth and decay, and progress.

[5] (Jiddhu Krishnamurti was one of the great teachers of the 20th century.
He wrote widely and taught on four continents. A unique and honored
perspective and wisdom that has/will stand the test of time).

[6] Peak Prosperity and Chris Martenson are excellent resources primarily
for economic and social thought. He is a skilled interviewer. This is
a very recent interview with Professor Joseph Tainter, USU professor and author of “The Collapse Of Complex Societies”).

[7] This is a well read full audio book on the classic analysis of future society if it swings too far to the totalitarian left, “1984” by George Orwell).

[8] Jordon Peterson is one of those rare sages who is also an academic. He has taught psychology and the humanities at Univ of Toronto for many years. He lectures and interview are now hugely popular on a level that is rare and unique. In some cases 300,000 views within 2 months to some of his material.
This is a 10 part series which is an exploration of the foundations that underneath western civilization. Jordon’s point of access is through the Bible
as a unique culture formative tradition. This is truly a great mind with 100’s of hours of YouTube material freely available).

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