(Dark Journalist, #29 of 53 in this series)

(Stanton Friedman probably is the leading voice historically in
this area. Long duration, deep research, highly skilled with a
sense of the light touch in his presentations

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(CERN, Anthony Patch w/ John Wells, CTM. Anthony Patch is well
regarded as the ‘go to’ guy on CERN, 5-Gig, and quantum
computing. An honorable man with large skills as a researcher,
able to translate the hard science in a way that we can understand).

(Edward Griffin, many long years as a researcher of the
political and economic. Especially noted for his research
and writing on the Federal Reserve)

(Robert David Steele is (at present) an honored voice as
a retired (30 years) with the C.I.A. bringing forth deep info.
Very popular. We see him on many sites and presentations).

(SGT Report is an excellent site FYI).

(Dane Wigingon, collected videos, from 21 October, 2017. This
is a highly honored man with a passion for informing us of the
tragedy of the consequences to the bio-sphere from geo-engineering
(this includes but is not limited to ‘chemtrails.’ That this man
is a ho0ero of this time in history, I have no doubt)

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(Corbett Report, James lives in western Japan and this
is an excellent and comprehensive site for deep info
in a variety of areas. Trustworthy and skilled as a
researcher and presenter)

(Taoist wisdom on leadership. Ancient Chinese. Edifying
and to be used for contemplation).

(What is interesting about this is how long the “agenda” has
been noted. This was (supposedly) the leak of a Doctor at a
conference 50 years ago)