Well…Biffi, this is just for you. Let me know if I can find and post something up for you. Much love from Biff.

(Biffi, this is very fine stuff. LOTS of choices on this
selection. Most are an hour well spent in the clouds with
soft heart).

(63 separate freq. for ‘fatigue’ etc. as “Morning”. USE TOP
LINE in WHITE 1/63 to select and access. I found #3 useful and
it has some real duration. OK ??

(Earth pulse ?? 7.8 Hz. USE TOP WHITE line 1/26 to access)

(When the 2 leggeds or 4 leggeds get out of sorts try this one on them.
Sure to float the boat downstream. So mellow and soft and deep).

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(LARGE series of good stuff for Biffi)

(I am guided meditation. “It turns out that specific numbers can be assigned to letters. And the tuning-fork sounds you’ll be meditating to are the exact sounds ascribed to the letters that comprise the Divine name of God. This has been called the most powerful meditation tool in the history of the world. I encourage you to become open to the idea that these sounds, when accompanied by your own I am mantra, can and will provide you with the ability to live a wishes fulfilled life.”

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(“Human” A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand / Composed by Armand Amar.
Stunningly beautiful and deeply moving w/o words. A masterpiece of concept and design. BRAVO. Watch of a large computer screen ONLY.


Download (DOCX, 513KB)

(“Samadhi.” a movie, 2017, part #1, “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”
Artful images and brilliantly concise about this subtle and deeply
elusive deep reality that is below mind and always present. It is
soul beneath the mind. Beautifully done).


Download (DOCX, 213KB)

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(Inner Worlds…Outer Worlds, in 4 parts. Wise and wonderful.
Note: these are the same people who did, “Samadhi” and the
2 meditations that follow below. A great resource).

Download (DOCX, 79KB)

(Quite excellent. This is a 6 part lectures series given in Germany in 1922 by Rudolf Steiner. I found the whole series most excellent. This is part #1 of 6. Parts 2-6 can be accessed in related Vids. Do you have the ability to
access related vids ?? Please let me know. I have no idea.

(There are about 12 of these interviews– all with Steiner ‘experts.’ Wonderful minds in exchange. I like. Steiner clearly touched place that are very rare. His language is often very metaphorical and hard to translate.
He harvested knowledge from a very subtle place and tried to share that as best he could. The limitations of language.

(Complete Tao te Ching. AUDIO only by chapter. Well read).

(Taoist wisdom 2100 years ago. Sages advice on the governance of the state. This wisdom demonstrates the depth of the Chinese culture. EXCELLENT).

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(A fun read and listen)

(This is a marvelous poet, John O’Donahue. This is a series of many of his works. Hope you can access as such. He died too young about 5 years ago,
Spoke in the rich and deep Irish brogue that is so welcoming).

(A true NDE account/story)

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(The Story of B is really excellent. This is part #1 [4 parts].
Written by author of the classic, “Ismael,” by Daniel Quinn. Good
literature well read. Evening story ??)

(When you are in one of those C2C moods. This is Richard Hoagland with “Forum Borealis” a very heady site out of Norway with a brilliant mind. These are really conversations in all his interviews.

(Dr. Rima is the real deal. Here she is exposing the medical
and pharmaceutical industry beautifully or… what they would never
admit to you in medical school).

(A classic 1 hour guided meditation with the breath and done
quite masterfully. Great voice and timing sense)