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Easter Island

  It seems to me so critical to realize the magnitude of our present crisis in this present period of enormous transition and great trans~formation.  Much of my writing is centered in that understanding from a variety of perspectives and insights.

  It seems to me  that it takes a great deal of thought and study to have reached that  conclusion. If we see this period as enormous in its implications– it will also lead us to the necessity to act responsibly and appropriately.  We seek to find what that is for ourselves and for our world.

  In the Chinese Language, the word for crisis is made up of two idea components.  One is chaos and the other is opportunity. I find great wisdom in that understanding.  It points to the insight that  the pre-condition of great change in a time of enormous transition (the early years of the 21st century) is, and must be, also enormous crisis and disorder. Great change requires new levels of conflict and chaos, struggle and conscious suffering be introduced.  The wisdom behind the natural order, the wisdom behind apparent reality, the Tao will introduce (in the emergent  process of balance and harmony) unique aspects to be seeded in order to bring the disorder, disharmony, and imbalance into new emergent patterns and restore new levels of balance,  and harmony, and order.  This is true flow.  Balance seeks to restore this disorder through nature’s innate creativity. This is the art of Tao, the active (and invisible) process that is being introduced.  “Something that we do not and cannot understand is doing something we know not what.”

  This is movement from disorder to greater order and organization as an act of the development of consciousness. I sense that we will need to put our trust into that emergence that occurs from another order. We put our faith in the process of emergence.  To receive this N.E.W. (New Emergent Worldview) is our hope and our gift to the future.

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