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                     “Moon Man”  in a Dozen Mood Moments  (M.M.  x 12 m.m.)

    Welcome to the Home Page of Akama Thomson.  I have a large number (950) of embedded educational videos (courtesy of YouTube) and many, many writings (over 500) that I would like to share with you.  A large welcome to all, especially my friends and students at Hawaii Community College in Hilo town.

   Let’s take the writing first since I am consider myself to be a poet-philosopher (an endangered species, I might add). The simplest way to access the material is thru ARCHIVES at the far bottom of this page. There is a drop-down arrow there, and organized by month.

   If you send the link  http://akamathomson.org/2015/08  to friends, you will be sending them a ‘mini-book’ for August, 2015 of 30 pages that is a unique and creative source of inspiration, intelligence, clarity of perception, thought, and heart.  Simple, as  it is all on one e-mail page with live links.  You are saying:  Here, read this.  It is wise and full of heart.  Pass this ‘mini-book’ on to others.  

   Another way to access would be through CATEGORIES at the bottom of this pageThere are over 20 distinct areas  as categories that create order to the written items– many of which are written in what I call, ‘poet’s blood.’   There are also a number of writings, poems, words of wisdom by others.  This is fitting as this is primarily an educational site and not simply about me and mine.

   Please note that  all the writings include strong, supportive visual images, and not simply black words on white paper/screen.  These are ‘artful windows’ of thought and perception.  This is my effort and intention to bring beauty back into computer ugly ‘la~la land.’ Technology does not need to be ugly~ although we have increasingly made it that way.

   What is noteworthy is that  the images have been gathered thoughtfully over the course of  3-4 years of compilation from “fair use” sources on what is available on the web.  Thank you to the many (mostly unknown) sources of these images and material.  Please note  that this site is for:  educational purposes only.   

   I can be reached for authentic dialogue at:  thomson@hawaii.edu

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                    “Eagle Eye” view of my home town at 3,000 feet.

   Aloha.  Above the colorful “moon man” image, you will find over 60  assorted live links to pages and folders.  This include ecology, history, education, philosophy, religion,  social commentary, science, technology, Hawaii, etc.  These pages/folders contain the  comprehensive offering of  950 useful, intelligent and informative embedded  YouTube Videos.   Many  are of sufficient duration (30-70 minutes in length) to allow you to think it through rather than the standard 3-4 minute dosage and taste.  I have noted that real thinking has become increasingly an optional quality in my mother culture. These videos  have been selected carefully, slowly, with discernment and intention.

The videos  cover a wide range of areas for a discerning mind seeking to more fully understand the essential  transition to a N.E.W (New Emergent Worldview) that is so critical for us to apprehend and apply in the early years of the 21st century.  If you like to surf the net looking for interesting ‘stuff’ here is a great central location for you.

   Please note that you will (probably) need a HIGH SPEED INTERNET connection to fully access these videos due to upload speed requirements.   Thank you for your understanding.  One last thing, my friends, I am of the opinion that this collection of internet YouTube gems offers young people a way into a real education that is appropriate to this most extra~ordinary period of great transition, emergence, and creative change that is so essential in the early years of the 21st century. They were assembled over the course of 3-4 years with that simple intention in mind.  I see this site as a “free university.” The attitude of true wonder (for life) is the foundation of real learning. Blessings on your journey of discovery and wonder(ment) my friends.

      I can be reached for authentic dialogue at: thomson@hawaii.edu